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Badminton, Windsor & a 4th Birthday

Dear Foxxy Guys and Gals,

We are sorry we haven't updated you all with our (exciting) news over the passed few months but we have been so busy as the 2013 Show season has commenced. Anyway this is what we have been up to...

After Easter Alex and Rosalie went on a pre-season holiday to Mexico with one of our friends from Hi Ho Silver for 5 days. We were desperate for a holiday, a bit of relaxation, sun and culture and had a great time. It wasn’t all about getting a suntan though as we did a spot of business out there too so watch this space.... 

Badminton Horse Trials came next at the start of May. We were in a new stand location OUTSIDE in a prime position which we were thrilled to bits with. The stand looked great and we displayed a lot of our new designs for this year including our New Maud skirt, Florence skirt and our 2013 casual ware which we got a great response from. We were convinced that we had bought the sun with us from Mexico as the weather was glorious which made a change from the rubbish weather we had all last year. We had a fantastic 5 days selling and quite a good time socialising with our friends from other trade stands that we hadn’t seen for months.


After 5 long days at Badminton we set off straight to Royal Windsor Horse Show. We arrived at the foot of the castle at 11.30pm and were told that we couldn’t get on site until the morning. So with no toilets or washing facilities we had to camp at the side of the road till morning. By 6am we were standing in the queue in our PJs waiting to collect our passes to get onto the show site. Fun is not a word to describe that experience but we made it through with a good story to tell.


(Our temporary tent by the side of the road)

By the end of the day the stand was set up thanks to the help of Team member Eddie. We love being at Windsor, the view of the castle is breathtaking and the town is lovely. We also celebrate our Birthday here every year. This year it was Timothy Foxx’s 4th Birthday so on the Saturday we shared bubbly and chocolate cake with our friends.


After 11 consecutive nights in a tent a comfy bed is amazing! But there was no rest for the wicked with many internet order to fulfil so we were straight back in the office at TFHQ on the Monday.

Next came Herts County Show, this is a smaller show but we enjoy doing it as it is quite local to us. During set up Eddie and Rosalie got soaking wet in the rain and nearly got blown away when our Pop-up marquee lifted up in the wind, fortunately the guy ropes were attached so it was all okay. Thankfully the next two days were glorious sunshine and we had a great time.

Next stop for us is the South of England Show in Ardingly next week, our stand is on 5th Avenue so if you are going do come by and say Hi.

NEW IN our stunning new Ladies Shirts! We have a new ruffle design with ¾ sleeves and our pretty short sleeve and long sleeved Tattersall shirts in now colours.


Until next time, Happy Shopping and Stay Foxxy x

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